How Bail Works

Watch this short video for what you need to know about the bail process. Learn about bail hearings, locating and hiring a bondsman, how collateral works and how long you are obligated to the bond.
How Bail Works

Your loved one's freedom is just a call away!

We are located at 132 Main Street Roanoke Alabama. We serve jails in Randolph, Chambers, Cleburne, Clay, Cossa, Tallapoosa and Lee county!

Our professional agents can successfully get you, or a loved one, out of jail while providing the highest level of respect & customer service.

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Our services include:

First Time Defendants
Flexible Payment Plans (For Qualified Customers)
Credit Card Payments Accepted
Serving All Local Jails
Collect Calls Accepted
Out Of Town Bonds
‚ÄčLarge Bonds
Professional & Courteous Service
Fugitive Recovery
Process Serving